Information security


ShopF1 knows that privacy and personal information security are important to users, so ShopF1 is committing the maximum effort to protect ShopF1 users privacy.

 Information security describes how ShopF1 collects and processes personal information as ShopF1 users use ShopF1's service. ShopF1 users agree to use ShopF1's service meaning that ShopF1 users are in full agreement with the contents in this information security. ShopF1 is able to modify the contents of policy by Posting a modification to the ShopF1 system, the modification that takes effect from the time of upload. If ShopF1 users continue to use the service which means that ShopF1 users accept and are inevitably in line with the latest updated use terms.


1.  ShopF1 Information Need ShopF1 referees

 In order to fully use the utilities on ShopF1's software products, a ShopF1 user needs to register their accounts and provide their personal information. ShopF1 information Need ShopF1 user (ShopF1) provide the basic information including but not limited to the following ShopF1 user information:

 O the shop

 O Family name

 O Email

 O email, mobile number/landline number

 O number of users, number of pages

 All user information provided to ShopF1 is kept on the ShopF1 system.

 2.  ShopF1 protects and keeps personal ShopF1 information?

 ShopF1 keeps and processes the personal ShopF1 information on the server, ShopF1 protects it with physical, electronic safeguards including: Firewalls, data encryption and procedures applied in accordance with the Information Security Law. ShopF1 makes physical access control to information and ShopF1 only allows personal access to information from employees who need it to complete their work responsibility in the ShopF1 system.


3.  ShopF1 users information is kept in the ShopF1 system?

 ShopF1 player information is ShopF1 accessed from The following ShopF1 system:

 O (a) when a ShopF1 user opens an account with ShopF1.

 O (b) When a ShopF1 user signs any agreement or provides any documentation or other information concerning your interaction with ShopF1, or when you use ShopF1's service.

 O (C) when a ShopF1 user interacts with ShopF1, such as via the telephone, (can be recorded), mail, fax, encounters directly, social networking and email.

 O (d) when a ShopF1 user sends ShopF1 in response or complaint.

 O (G) When ShopF1 users provide their personal data for ShopF1 for any reason.

 O (H) Other cases that ShopF1 sees are needed in accordance with law.


4.  ShopF1 person information is kept for what?

 The goal of ShopF1 is to bring the business, who use a service infrastructure for branding and promotion, to expand Internet business efficiently, optimizing cost and time. So ShopF1 stores and uses ShopF1's personal information that follows:

 O Provide information, services and on-demand support from ShopF1 users

 O dealing with disputes, problems arise related to using Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 Application

 O preventing illegal or forbidden activities are stated in the regulation on use

 O Measuring and Improving ShopF1 services

 O Compare, compare the accuracy of ShopF1 information to third parties

 O other purposes are allowed by law and ShopF1 informs the person to use ShopF1 in a particular case.

When using Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application, users ShopF1 understand and accept that ShopF1 has access to the data on the ShopF1 user account.

 All these accessions are only made by ShopF1 only when it is permitted by ShopF1 users.

 When ShopF1 users are mastering ShopF1, it is acknowledged by all parties that ShopF1 users are not subject to any complaints about this access.

 ShopF1 is committed to essentially keeping all ShopF1 information close when using the software, the ShopF1 application and will not reveal it to third parties unless approved by a ShopF1 user or required by competent state or legal authorities. ShopF1 only changes a ShopF1 information on a ShopF1 Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application when accepting or confirming the ShopF1 user's requirement.


5.  What do ShopF1 users need to do to protect this information?

 Upon completion of the delivery of a product or service, ShopF1 users are the only units that possess and safely manage their own identifying information, management account, or other information related to their own. ShopF1 users can log into their account to edit the information, it is pertinent to ask ShopF1 to do checking, updating, adjusting or dismissing their personal information registered with ShopF1. ShopF1 is to check, update, adjust, discard the ShopF1 personal information when required or provide the subject with tool information to examine, update, and adjust their personal information. ShopF1 only supports ShopF1 users via an account that is actively provided by ShopF1 users to ShopF1. ShopF1 users immediately inform ShopF1 when they detect any form of unauthorized access with their account or security gaps, including a loss, whose account is stolen to be assisted.

 ShopF1 users are in charge of the contents of messages sent from their own account.

 ShopF1 is not responsible for the intrusion


6.  Those or organizations are allowed to access ShopF1 user Information

 ShopF1 is committed not to provide personal ShopF1 information to any third party. However, other individuals and organizations can get access to ShopF1 information in some cases below:

 O that this ShopF1 info is publicly

 O ShopF1 is accepted by ShopF1 users to reveal this information

 O Third party ShopF1 users authorize or allow to ask ShopF1 to provide personal information of

 O ShopF1 user, authorization, allowed in notarized, authenticated documents

 O at legal requirements or from a state agency or if ShopF1 believes it is necessary to comply with legal requirements or according to law.

 O protect the rights, interests, property and safety of someone else on the basis of balancing the interests of all parties

 O for the other third parties ShopF1 is joint venture, linking to provide services on ShopF1 or new services related to ShopF1 where people using ShopF1 are also using those services on ShopF1's software.

Apart from these but not limited to ShopF1 personal information is always confidential to any third parties except that ShopF1 is fully convinced that it is necessary to prevent financial or physical damage from elements with signs of criminal activity.


7.  Complaint settlement

 All cases contributing comments, complaints, ShopF1 users Please send to ShopF1 in the following ways email to address: [email protected] Vn, or call hotline of the customer care unit: 0982,442,109, or contact:

 IDO E-Commerce Services Co. LTD.

 Headquarters address: 28C Ten bao, P. Liubo, Q. Three flats, TP. Hanoi.

 Office: 2 across 174 Tran Duy Hung, P. Neutral, Q. Paper Bridge, Tp. Hanoi.

 Phone number: 0939,556,336

 Depending on the complex nature of the complaint, ShopF1 is subject to their respective processing duration. The result of this complaint solving is reported to ShopF1 users, where necessary, ShopF1 can direct the complainer to work directly. ShopF1 is in an attempt to consistently address ShopF1 user complaints in the earliest time and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, both sides in favour.