Terms of use

"Services" - ShopF1 Sales Management Software Service running under the domain shopF1.net name and on the ShopF1 app

 "ShopF1 App" - ShopF1 App is available on iOS and Android, the official version can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store

 "Website" - Accessed shopF1.Net

 "Content" - Pictures, ICONS, articles, videos posted on websites and apps

 "Shop owner" - the original owner owner; Or Shop account holders; Or someone who accesses a store account with a Shop owner's account.

 "Shop" - The name of the Shop is named after the Shop owner, or the Shop owner can self-modify

 "Shop Account" - Shop owner account can be first created when the Shop owner registered to Shop, ShopF1 is used on the ShopF1 Website

 "ShopF1 user" - is a ShopF1 subscriber, makes account, uses ShopF1 software on the ShopF1 Website and is accepted by ShopF1 as: The Shop owner or Shop employee is granted access to the Shop by the Shop owner; Accessed at Website Shopf1.net

 "ShopF1" - Sales management software ShopF1 was developed by IDO E-Commerce Service Limited

 "Third Party" - Customers, partners, Supplier of ShopF1 or ShopF1

 "Shop data" - data in electronic form stored over the Shop is limited to an account set up by the Shop owner.

 "Features" - Available feature and Being provided on ShopF1


3. Scope of application.

These provisions apply to ShopF1's products, the official version running on a ShopF1 server under the official shopF1.net domain and ShopF1 App on Android and iOS operating systems. ShopF1 maintains the ShopF1.net electronic information page as a service to ShopF1 users.


ShopF1 can change, adjust this attribution and make the system public at the time of being adopted, ShopF1 users can see the updated information at any time at the ShopF1 Website/ShopF1 application. If ShopF1 users continue to use the service which means that ShopF1 users accept and are inevitably in line with the latest updated use terms.

Any ShopF1 infringement against these terms and conditions can result in either being discontinued or the end of the ShopF1 account, service or other permitted operation under ShopF1 Service terms.


4.  Conditions for general trading

The fact that a ShopF1 user chooses to use the ShopF1 Website/ShopF1 application means ShopF1 users agree to act in accordance to required terms, policies and agreements of services that are declared on ShopF1 website/ ShopF1 App 


 Any provision of these terms that expires or cannot be enforced for any reason only affects the article, it has determined the full effect and does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. If there is a difference between this terms of use and other ShopF1 service agreements, the latest regulations will come into effect.


ShopF1 users need to ensure that the device is in a network connected state when it is in need of access to the latest business data.


ShopF1 users must comply with Apple App Store and Google Play's terms of service, including usage rules.


5. Legal Usage 


ShopF1 provides application software with capabilities of Sales management support to users of ShopF1, so ShopF1 does not interfere and is not responsible for any ShopF1 sales activity content such as: ShopF1 customer, ShopF1 cargo, freight quality that ShopF1 person is doing in business... just as ShopF1 is not responsible for any complaints from ShopF1 users or third parties that reflect the ShopF1 activity.


ShopF1 users must be aware and must accept that ShopF1 users are responsible to use ShopF1's service into the goods and services business in the framework allowed by law (current and indicative) Vietnam. ShopF1 users are not using ShopF1's service to perform actions that may influence ShopF1's legal rights and interests, community or interests of any agency, organization or individual, e.g. : To propagate content on degrading or destroying the State, to distribute spam and or to send unwanted information to other organizations and individuals in the system in all forms and to sell goods on the list of banned goods.


ShopF1 is given full authority to stop or prevent further access to ShopF1's application into ShopF1 service System when either base or trail suspicious ShopF1 users with signs of legal contravention, reporting, A third party complaint sent to ShopF1 reflects negatively on the ShopF1 business activity or any ShopF1 activity when using Site ShopF1 / ShopF1 application It is perceived by ShopF1 to be in danger of affecting their safety, the legal rights, benefits of the community, agency, organization and other individual.


 To continue using the application, ShopF1 is able to ask ShopF1 users to provide information to identify and/or make commitments to continue using the service. In view of its seriousness, ShopF1takes full authority through the intervention of competent state agencies, with professional functions in order to secure the legitimate rights and interests of ShopF1 as well as the community.


6. Pause and end the delivery of services


 ShopF1 is entitled to cease or entirely terminate the service delivery without reinitiating any costs to ShopF1 users in the following cases:


 A) People using ShopF1 using software Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application into any purpose/form that violates Vietnamese law


 B) People who use ShopF1 send, associate or transpose for data that is illegal, threatening, scathing, hostile, slanderous, obscenity, obscene, derogatory, etc. Other forms prohibited by Vietnamese law in any way.


 C) ShopF1 users archiving and promoting what data constitutes or encourages forms of crime; Or data that violates intellectual property law (inventions, trademarks, design rights, copyright, etc.) or violates the rights of any individual.


 D) People using ShopF1 use programs that are capable of clogging or stalling systems, such as depleting system resources, overloading the processor and memory.

E) People using ShopF1 are not cooperating with ShopF1 and ShopF1 staff when handling errors encountered in the process (ShopF1 / ShopF1 application)

 F) ShopF1 users do not pay their on-time costs.

 G) ShopF1 users are responsible for interfering with ShopF1's reputation and brand in the mass media.

 H) Case mentioned in Section 5 of the Provisions on legal use.

 I) Other cases prescribed by law.


7.  Intellectual property rights

 Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 Application under LICENSE from IDO E-Commerce Service Limited

 Therefore, all content at Website ShopF1.net, at ShopF1 application are owned by ShopF1. ShopF1 allows ShopF1 users to see, download and print the following contents:


 • Contents have been made public by ShopF1 on their Website, ShopF1 application

 • ShopF1 owners owners contents


 Using the information at Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application, ShopF1 users need to extract the source from the site as prescribed, using it only for non-profit purposes.


Except in the authorization above, ShopF1 users are not allowed to copy, adjust or reuse a ShopF1 / ShopF1 application without prior authorization by ShopF1. ShopF1 users can contact: [email protected] Vn for support when there is a need for the above contents. In the case accepted by ShopF1, who using ShopF1 must make sure that ShopF1 uses the information obtained from the ShopF1 Website/ShopF1 application Not violating the rights, benefits of other individuals/organizations and that nobody is serving shopF1.net or from the ShopF1 application.


8.  SHOPF1 Personal Security

 Please see ShopF1 security policy at: https://shopf1.net/


9.  Third party affiliate service

Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 Application (ShopF1 / Being/doing and continuing to expand its superiority, not removing links with third-party service delivery units (Electronic commerce, Transportation, etc.)


When ShopF1 users use third-party linked services, they are integrated on software systems such as Giaohangtietkiem delivery Service, Viettel Post, rapid delivery, payment services: VNpay,... This means that a ShopF1 user has understood and agreed to follow generic terms and conditions only applicable to each service.


When using third-party linked services, ShopF1 users understand and agree on the terms of the link service and agree to share the information and data needed to utilize the link service. Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application Only shares the information and data that were agreed upon by ShopF1 users and is needed to provide link services to third parties. ShopF1 users are encouraged to refer further to utilization clauses of third-party linked services in terms of shared information and data when using the linked service.


10.   Malfunctional fixation


ShopF1 users are in charge of notify immediately at ShopF1 when detecting the problem, aggressively connecting with ShopF1 so that ShopF1 can earliest fix the problem for ShopF1 users. In the case of a third party malfunction, ShopF1 users are responsible in coordination with the relevant parties to deal with them. ShopF1 users understand and accept that, in all cases, ShopF1 is always trying to support and fix it, however ShopF1 is not responsible for the damage that is caused by delays to inform or conceal the fault of ShopF1 users.


13.  Limits of responsibility


After handing over the service administration parameters to users, ShopF1 is not responsible and does not guarantee the accuracy of ShopF1 user information on the software, ShopF1 user's application. Simultaneously, ShopF1 is not liable and restitution to ShopF1 users and third party for direct, indirect, unintentional, intangible, profit damage, revenue, reputation steers from ShopF1's use, ShopF1's service after ShopF1 handed it over to ShopF1 users.


ShopF1 cannot be subject to any relevant responsibility or responsibility in the aftermath of unauthorized access to the server, Website ShopF1 / ShopF1 application; ShopF1 person equipment and data or ShopF1 person person data due to accidents, illegal means, third party equipment and other causes are beyond ShopF1's control.


As a condition when using the Website, this application, people using ShopF1 agree that ShopF1, staff, ShopF1 agents are not responsible to third parties for profit losses, business opportunities or losses, the costs incurred directly or indirectly by connecting to the ShopF1 Website/ShopF1 application or using other ShopF1 services.


ShopF1 also does not bear any associated responsibility or responsibility for the quality of the product, service, information of third party websites/applications that are linked to the ShopF1 Website/ShopF1 application. In addition, ShopF1 users also understand that ShopF1 is not responsible and is authorised to recognize, certify, document information and service quality, products or make compensation for damage related to whether ShopF users are using the service, products advertised on third party websites/applications. ShopF1 recommends that ShopF1 users take a closer look into a real partner before doing the collaborative work in order to avoid undesirable damage. ShopF1 is neither secure nor responsible for the ShopF1 business result after using the service.


14.  Guaranteed service delivery


The ShopF1 / ShopF1 application is provided on a "workable" basis. ShopF1 does not make sure that our Website/app will always be ready, always usable, never interrupted, on time, free from errors by incidents such as: Hacker, loss of Internet coverage.... However, ShopF1 and ShopF1 staff commit to doing their utmost and to make sure that their Website and service are always readied for their use. ShopF1 commits its efforts to address the interruption and gives corrections, repairs, and support in the likelihood to recover the system quickly.

15. Manual.


ShopF1 users can access and look at the ShopF1 user's manual immediately. However, ShopF1 may not give ShopF1 users any instructions on how to operate in printed form. The manual document is mailed by ShopF1 with an email confirming the account immediately after the ShopF1 user has successfully registered the account.


16. Settlement of questions, complaints and disputes

a. Mode of receiving questions and complaints

 All attributable cases, questions, complaints, ShopF1 Users Please send to ShopF1 in the following methods:

 • Send email to: [email protected]

 • Consultancy and Support: 0982,442,109

 • or direct contact:

IDO E-Commerce Services Co. LTD.

 Headquarters address: 28C Ten bao, P. Liubo, Q. Three flats, TP. Hanoi.

 Office: 2 across 174 Tran Duy Hung, P. Neutral, Q. Paper Bridge, Tp. Hanoi.

 Phone number: 0939,556,336

 Depending on the complex nature of the complaint, ShopF1 is subject to their respective processing duration. The result of this complaint solving is reported to ShopF1 users, where necessary, ShopF1 can direct the complainer to work directly. ShopF1 is in an attempt to consistently address ShopF1 user complaints in the earliest time and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, both sides in favour.

b.In the process of use if there is a dispute between the ShopF1 and the ShopF1 contention, the two sides enter into conciliation negotiations in a spirit of friendship. In cases where a dispute is not resolved, the Hanoi Economic Court shall settle.


Part II. Using integrated transportation


 I. Definition

Unless the context of this article provides otherwise, the following words and terms in this article will be meant as follows:

Transport Partner (below known as "D-TVC") : Is an organization that has been licensed to provide postal service and/or forward transport as stipulated by the Postal Law, and has signed a cooperative contract with ShopF1.

  •  Service: TE's integrated Transportation service integrated onto the ShopF1 system.
  • ShopF1 user: Being a ShopF1 product (ShopF1) who is using ShopF1's transport service (integrated from ShopF1's system).
  • Receiver: As an order receiver sent by ShopF1 users via the TRANSPORT network VIA DTVC.

  • Goods: products, items... Transported at the request of the ShopF1 user, excluding products, items... is prohibited or restricted from doing business/transport as provided for by law.
  • Order: As a cargo charge handed over by ShopF1 users to D-CHAIN for postal service.
  • The sides: ShopF1 user, DTVC and ShopF1.

 Collaborative contracts (below referred to as "contracts") : Contracts and appendices as well as any written modifications and additions, for the supply and use of transport services by ShopF1 and DTVC created and signed, or by ShopF1 users and DTVC.


2.  Transportation Services integrated by DNC


The ShopF1 system is an open system that is strongly connected to the transport NETWORK by creating HTTP queries to the Application Programming Interface (API). Such connection helps integrate NHTVC's transport service on the ShopF1 system, allowing ShopF1 users to choose NHTVC service and push the post to DTVC directly through the connection gateway.

 Benefits of Integrated Shipping services on the ShopF1 system: Pushing the automated process, reducing operations as well as managing on ShopF1's own system and NHTVC. From there, ShopF1 users are updated to give the ShopF1 position information and control of the ShopF1 post directly on the ShopF1 system.


3.  Single propulsion process

  •  Step 1: ShopF1 users access a single generating screen. Fill out order information items > Product select Form of delivery > Select the most appropriate shipping services
  •  Step 2: Perfect the delivery information to the selected transport unit at Step 1. Click, Click and browse > Confirmed application > Send and shipment.

Also, a ShopF1 user can access the homepage > Order > Add New order > at customer Information and Direct ShopF1 User Information complete the information as step 1 and 2 above.


ShopF1 users who push their application to NHTVC through the ShopF1 connector are responsible for giving the full information about the postal drive at the request of the system and the DTVC regulations at each time.


Details Regulation of delivery time - Taking of references at the official website of THE BAY Area: Giaohangtietkiem, Viettelpost, Quick delivery.


4.  Stipulate the goods on transport

 ShopF1 users must ensure that all orders to be transported by THE DTVC comply with Vietnamese law and the DTVC's specific regulations on goods banned from shipping, conditional transport/freight restrictions, and no flying goods. Otherwise, ShopF1 is not responsible when goods are seized, destroyed, not transported or transported slowly. ShopF1 users are fully liable to ShopF1 / DTVC in return and accountable to Vietnamese law when sending goods in violation of this regulation and Vietnamese law.

 Stipulate the specific goods of each cell for reference at the TELe website:

 Giaohangtietkiem, Viettelpost, quick delivery.


5.  The packaging regulations


ShopF1 users must comply with the packaging regulations introduced by THE NHTVC in order to ensure the safety of their goods during transit from ShopF1 users to the receiver. Proper packaging helps protect the goods, reduce payment status, and save costs for ShopF1 users. When trouble occurs during transit, packaging regulations serve as a reference to the ShopF1 (Transport partner) responsibility of the receiver.

 Individual packaging regulations by ShopF1 users are signed to transport such as: Giaohangtietkiem, Viettelpost, Quick delivery.


6.  To stipulate complaints on goods and bills

 The problems with order transportation, ShopF1 users communicate directly to the department of business at ShopF1.

 The time of complaint, the ways and procedures of individual petition: Giaohangtietkiem, Viettelpost, fast delivery.


 7.  Compensation

 The missing or damaged parcel shall be directly authenticated, evaluated and feedback on the level of compensation and made (if any) compensation.

 Specific reparations policies of each DPA: Giaohangtietkiem, Viettelpost, quick delivery.


8.  The Responsibility of SHOPF1


 A) Ensuring the integration with the DFS is stable, the ShopF1 order information is pushed to THE VLCT accurately, fully and in a timely manner.


 B) In combination with ShopF1 support in the ShopF1 application push case it is a problem due to technical errors from the parties.


 C) Ensures confidential information, safe from orders throughout the ShopF1 user's operations.


These clauses take effect from the date they were posted on the ShopF1 official website. ShopF1 connotes the right to regulate, amend, and supplement content to conform to actual operations or/and in accordance with law by Posting correctable/amended/added content to the official website. ShopF1 users continue to use the service after content adjustments/modifiers/additions are posted, which means that they agree to comply with those adjustments/modifiers/supplements.


People using ShopF1 commit to comply with all contents of the MTVC's Integrated Transportation Provision.

 Any questions regarding these contents, please contact:

 IDO E-Commerce Services Co. LTD.

 Address: 28C Ten Bao, P. Willow, Q. Three flats, TP. Hanoi.

 Consultancy and Support: 0982,442,109

 Email: [email protected]